This is a blog when you can find all trending news on entertainment, technology, oddities and World news.

We have 11 categories.

1. Celeb Dirt– All about celebrities’ scandals and controversial life style

2.The daily 5– Tips and tricks of living a fulfilled lifestyle.

3. Ranking Ten- We rank ten rather, interesting stuff from all over the world.

4. News 1O1– Trending news from all over the globe, be it political, security, nature and disasters

5. Fashion Focus- We focus on all fashion trends and icons in the fashion world

6. Crazy and Queer – Stories of people, places and things in their usual odd, queer,strange and crazy state.

7. Tech Review– We review all hot and trending gadgets and softwares. Their superiority and uniqueness.

8. Music Review– We look into all your favorite songs and their extraordinary videos. Latest albums, Controversial songs, diss tracks, and hot mix tapes

9. Movie Review– We check out all movies before and after their release, we tell you their rating and also why should or shouldn’t buy them.

10. Rides on Check– We let you know about all the hottest rides from all over the world and sneek peek at the yet to come machine

Stay tuned and Enjoy…


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