What happened to this childhood star after drug addiction.

When growing up I was obsessed with Macaulay Culkin. He was adorable and enthusiastic, furthermore he was really influential. I remember once wishing robbers to invade our house so that I can humiliate them like his 1990 hit role Kevin McCallister on ‘Home Alone’ . The American sweetheart disappeared from the limelight and made minor appearances in movies and TV shows before leaving for a 10 year hiatus. When he came back in 2003 and starred in ‘Richie Rich’ he disappeared again and acted in Zoolander as himself in 2016.

In his decade-long hiatus rumours begun surfacing that he was struggling with addiction to hard drugs. Despite Culkin appearing to be living the Hollywood dream in the eyes of any child or young teenager at the time, his life outside of the screen didn’t seem so perfect, particularly when considering his rather fraught relationship with his parents from a very early age. When he was just 14, Culkin announced he was planning to quit acting, a decision that was admittedly triggered by his desire to spite his father, who after moving the entire family from a one-bedroom apartment to a townhouse in New York with Culkin’s earnings, continued to complain about his children and his wife.
His parents eventually divorced, but this just created new problems for Culkin when both of them started fighting for his custody just so they could exploit his fortune, allegedly worth over $30m (£19m) at that point. Culkin entered into a full-blown legal dispute with his manager cum father in 1995 over control of his finances, which he won – an action that would subsequently lead to his father never speaking to him again.
He dropped out of high school at the age of 17, just short of completing his senior year, in order to marry his childhood sweetheart Rachel Miner, however the pair soon separated in 2000 with their divorce finalised two years later.
He later went on to spark up a romance with
That 70’s Show star Mila Kunis, whom he ended up dating for nearly nine years between 2002 and 2011, during which he took part in the child molestation case which had engulfed Jackson. He stated that whilst they did in fact slept in the same bedroom when he used to stay at the musician’s estate Neverland, nothing sexual ever happened and he fully supported his old friend.
Around about the same time, he unexpectedly returned to acting when he appeared in the 2003 movie Party Monster alongside a whole host of famous faces including Seth Green, Chloë Sevigny, Marilyn Manson and American Horror Story’s Dylan McDermott. It was a different kind of part compared to the typically sweet roles that fans had become so used to seeing him in and just a year after, Culkin began his downward spiral into drug use, eventually getting arrested in 2004 for possession of controlled substances including Xanax and marijuana.
When his longterm relationship with Kunis broke down, Culkin began to descend into a debilitating drug addiction, with rumours emerging that he was dabbling in heroin use and spending hundreds of dollars a day on prescription medication. He was photographed looking particularly gaunt in New York City in 2012 which added to the drugs speculation.
In 2014, he was just one of many celebrities who became victims in elaborate internet death hoaxes as pranksters set up memorial pages on Facebook and other social media outlets.
But since then a much healthier-looking Culkin seems to only ever be spotted spending time with his girlfriend of two years Jordan Lane Price and working with his comedy rock band The Pizza Underground. The group cover songs by
The Velvet Underground but with a pizza-based theme. They have toured extensively around the US.
His latest acting job came in the form of lending his voice to Adult Swim hit, Robot Chicken where he played a character called Kevin McCallister, a role based on the iconic part he played in Home Alone and its sequel. He will next be seen in Adam Green’s Aladdin sometime this year, opposite Zoë Kravitz, Orange Is The New Black’s Natasha Lyonne, Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgeley and Green himself.

Now, he has a net worth of $15m and recently starred in the hit sequel ‘Zoolander 2’ .We hope he is back for good this time around.


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