Its been 3 days since we featured a new song by DJ Mustard, Nicki Minaj and Jeremiah called Don’t Hurt Me the song was released on iTunes and Tidal on Wednesday as a promotion to Nicki’s rumoured upcoming album.

“All these bitches beggin’ me to pass the baton,” she rhymes. “All these bitches trying to fit my crown and my wand / Bitches still my sons, get ya sonogram on / Just in the nick of time, I did the cover of TIME.” Immediately after she promoted it on Twitter, she begun trending.

In the song, Nicki Minaj displays her prowess by making reference to basketballers, Michael Jordan, Curry and Lebron and referring to the recent competition in the female rap field.


Now Lil Mama is trending on Twitter because of her new remix to Drake’s “4PM in Calabasas” which she makes similar reference to Nicki but in a way that seems to be throwing shade.

In her the song she rapsIMG_20160619_000318

Now twitter is on fire and the loyal Barbz are blasting her.


Do you think Nicki will or should reply?



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