Thirsty Rihanna craves for some LeBron.

Having lots of fans is something to happy about, but having a Rihanna as your fan is another thing everyone should envy. After the win of the cavaliers and the glory of LeBron Rihanna took it to Instagram to prove that she is the biggest and thirstiest of the all. RihRih posted the picture above and well, captioned it “Bae”.

This is not the first time celebrities have thirsted on other celebrities. Rihanna is always after Drake, Drake has always craved for some Nicki, Nicki is always on the other hand having sex with her ” Bae” Serena once commented a thirst trap comment on Drake’s IG.

Rihanna has been in relationships which had sad endings like with Chris Brown and after their awkward reunion on May I think Rihanna pretty much enjoys being single. I mean, who turns down pro soccer player, Benzema. Rihanna has gone ahead and confronted an interviewer for asking her about her single life. If she is going to date someone, like LeBron, I think she will be okay. Don’t you?  Put it down in the comment section.




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