Iggy Azalea is heartbroken her breakup.πŸ’”

Iggy has been off the lime light lately but busy with her engagement to her longtime boo and NBA player, Nick Young. They recently got engaged and Iggy had already moved in with him in preparation for their wedding.

The Fancy rapper recently posted a series of tweets explaining the scandalous breakup and how she caught him cheating!

Earlier this year, Nick, 31 was caught cheating by Iggy for the first time but opted to forgive him because, well, she loves him. But she joked that if Nick ever cheats on her again, she would chop off his manhood! well, now that time is now but instead of cutting his genitals, she decided to cut him off her life completely and call off their much publicised engagement.

The first tweet explained about her plans to move out of his house, and the ownership of her car, the tweet said

I never had anyone’s car towed nor did I kick nick out of “my” house. The home belongs to nick, Iam the one moving. Thanks.

The second tweet was about Nick cheating on her with his baby mama.

I have never even been told by nick that his baby mother is pregnant so if this is true I’m finding out via E news.

The third tweet was more elaborate on how she caught Nick cheating

I broke up with Nick because I found out he had brought other women into our home while I was away and caught them on the security footage.

Even though Iggy Azalea was happy with their relationship and is very silent about her personal life, she did not hesitate to expose Nick’s infidelity on Twitter to her 6 Million followers. Now that the whole world knows about their breakup, she expressed her remorse in yet another tweet,

.People in this world really are f**ked up.

According to our sources, Nick allegedly impregnated Keona Green and now the whole story is trending because the tweet has over 25,000 retweets each.

In her last tweet she threw shade by implying that the baby mama only wanted attention and money through the baby from Nick.

I find it baffling anyone would make the choice to bring a child into the world under these circumstances + want attention and $ for it.

She cconcluded the controversial tweets with two tweets explaining her sadness.

I feel like my body was just drop kicked out of a plane with no parachute.


This is just like a second shot to the chest. And I feel like I don’t even know who the hell it is I’ve been loving all this time.

Now, Nick decided to reply to Iggy by saying he made a mistake simply because he’s human,

“If you perfect then be perfect I live in a world where ppl f— up learn from it and move on …” he
wrote Friday evening . “That’s life … hate me or love me I’m still going to love life man.”

Although Nick sounds unapologetic about his despicable behavior, while Iggy Azalea feels like she was ” Just dropped off a plane without a parachute “. Iggy is all to blame, wait! Here me out, Iggy knew Nick was cheating. After their engagement in June 2015, rumours surfaced that Nick was cheating but still opted to continue with relationship. Most of y’all will call it trusting your partner but you must have at least some benefit of doubt. Now she regrets it after all.

Nick Young, is in his early 30’and on top of that, an NBA player. With such type of status, having this sort of anecdote is not a total impossibility, Iggy next time before wrecking your career for a god forsaken man, THINK!

Now, the chances that Nick is going to marry Keona are high, while you are in the state of confusion and loneliness.

You catch a man cheating the first time he will most definitely do it again,especially when it’s a curvaceous + sexy woman like Keona. For the record, they now have two children. TWO. Iggy is still far from understanding the complex puzzle of being a star in and a really famous one for that reason.

A famous author once said “Seeing is believing.” She Β didn’t listen to the rumours, I now hope you believed after watching the security footage.

Although it has been the summer of breakups which begun with Kylie Jenner and Tyga, Β to now Beyonce hinting that there might be divorce papers with Jay’s name on their coffee table. I wish Miss Iggz all the best as she mends her broken heart.



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