Mitchelle Obama sings Beyonce’s Single ladies.

You know you made it when another celebrity is singing along to your song, but you know you’re on another level when The First Lady can sing your song word to word.

First Lady Michelle decided to take up the James Corden carpool challange and it set the internet ablaze. This is not the first or second time the First Lady has decided to put her serious demeanor aside and rock like an average youngster. She actually did a dance routine to Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk.

She later released a freestyle, telling children to stay in school by saying lines such as “If you wanna be a gee, go to college.” Which makes me think of her as the coolest First Lady/ Mom /Activist ever.

This time round Mrs Obama rocked Beyonce’s Single ladies like she was the original composer. During the performance alongside the amazing TV host James Corden, she made this hilarious joke

“We just dropped the mic, we were making honey in the beehive, we were making honey to put in our lemonade,”

She later sung Stevie Wonder’s song sealed, signed, delivered before she was joined by Missy Elliot for a special rendition of her song Get Ur Freak On.

She most definitely killed it and the video is quickly going viral. She later addressed her recent campaign on education by saying:

We’re doing a really important trip to Liberia, Morocco and Spain,” she said. “Right now there’s 62 million girls worldwide that aren’t in school for a variety of different reasons. So much could be corrected in the world if girls were educated and had power over their lives.
“My message to kids here is don’t take your education for granted, because there are girls around the world who would die to get the education we have, they would do anything, they would move mountains to make it happen.

And who knew that Michelle had only listened to a song in a car twice for the last 7 years;

The last time was some months ago with my daughter, who learned to drive, and we rocked out with her … so this is a treat

The day couldn’t end without her talking of her last days in the white house and the most difficult thing about it:

The people; these are people you see every single day, they help you, they love you, that’s going to be hard.

Conclusion, Adele’s carpool was dope and so was Justin’s and 1D but they ain’t got nothing on this one…


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