Nicki Minaj was amazing in Barbershop 3

 I never had time to watch Barbershop the next cut and after watching it today I think Minaj gave it her best shot and it was pretty impressive. Actually for a person who has starred in one other movie before, I think she did an amazing job.

For those who don’t know Nicki has studied acting professionally. In 2014 Nicki played the role of Lydia a spunky secretary to Cameron Diaz. The movie was an immediate success with making more than ten times its budget. It was revealed in 2015, that Nicki will be costarring the Barbershop’s third sequel alongside Ice Cube, JB-Smoove, Anthony Anderson, Tyga, EVE and Common.

Although her job has been criticised by some people, I think Nicki was pretty much the center of attention of the whole movie. She is this sassy, I-don’t-care attitude type of girl. This character totally fits her. If I didn’t know she was in a relationship with Meek I would conclude that she has a little something going on between Common and her. I also like the fact that they did not switch her style too much.

Good job, keep it up…✌


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