The Philippines president called the U.S ambassador a son of a Hoe.

Most people did not know who Mr Rodrigo Duterte until he used a homophobic slur to refer to U.S ambassador.

So here is exactly what he said;

“As you know , I ’ m fighting with [ U. S . Secretary of State John F. Kerry ’ s ] ambassador. His gay ambassador , the son of a whore. He pissed me off, ”

It sounds pretty much something a teenager would say and it might land him in trouble.

This has garnered him the name ‘ The Donald Trump of the East

According to The Washington Post  here’s what happened:

Duterte , a fast – talking former mayor who swept to power this spring , was telling reporters about his relationship with U. S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg when he made the wildly homophobic — and utterly undiplomatic — remark .

He was speaking in Tagalog, the main language of the Philippines , and the word for ” son of a whore” isn ‘t quite as pointed as it seems in English . It might be compared to calling someone an S. O . B. )
During this year ‘s election campaign , Duterte drew national and international condemnation for saying he wished he had ” been first ” to rape an Australian missionary who was assaulted and killed during a prison riot . The Australian ambassador objected , as did Goldberg . Duterte told them both to “shut up . ”




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