This man decided to climb the Trump Tower.

ht_trump_tower_climber_jc_160810_4x3_992A man today has been caught trying to climb the Trump Tower all the way to the top. The man whose identity has not yet been identified decided to use suction cups, to climb the 68-story building before being captured on the twenty first floor.

His intentions have been established, which according to the police, the man wanted to attract Donald Trump’s attention and possibly have a one on one conversation. But the man used a pretty spectacular and unusual way to climb the building, which makes us want to ask ‘Did he practice?’

The man took two hours to climb up to the twenty-first floor, after which the police yanked him as the crowd below cheered. His identity is yet to be known because, he has changed his name recently. He posted a video on YouTube explaining his plans.

We are really eager to see how Mr Trump will respond to this crazy anecdote.


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