10 Silly mistakes Empire made in season 2

The second season of Empire might have not been as appealing as its first. The most reasonable explanation is that , they did some pretty mediocre job this time around.

We all love the show, but some of the mistakes they did were downright inappropriate or unnecessary. They made the personas of our favorite characters, feel boring and awkward. They changed a lot of things, some that contradicted their previous depiction.

The second season was a big flop compared to the first one, with everything. The viewership reduced, the soundtrack was not too much of a success either.

Here are some of the silly misdemeanors that might have resulted to the fate of the show… (I’m going to be brutally honest)

  1. They were fixated on bringing to many celebrities as guest stars– Too much of something is poisonous so bringing a whole lot of celebrities was a bad idea. Neyo, Pitbull, Alicia Keys, Becky G and the list continues.
  2. There wasn’t enough material to generate suspense, unlike the first season- The first season was epic, we were overwhelmed by suspense. Was Luciou his dying? who would inherit Empire? would Lucious end up being bars? would cookie marry her boy toy?                     The intense probabilities were inevitable.cookie+lyon+.jpg
  3. The music was very similar to the the first seasons’- Some songs like, Powerful by Jussie Smollet & Alicia Keys were undeniably similar to Conqueror by Jussie Smollet . 
  4. Some characters mysteriously disappeared – As you were watching the second season, did you notice some people from season one disappeared, like Derek Luke and Jennifer Hudson.1426611301_empire-jennifer-hudson-trai-byers-zoom
  5. Is Jamal gay, straight or Bisexual- In season 1, Jamal was a gay man who was trying to get his father’s approval. We even got a glimpse of his childhood as his dad tried to dank him in a trash can. In season 2 however, Jamal is having sex with Skye Summers (Alicia Keys). This was a big mistake.
  6. The storyline was not based on music anymore. – season 1 was all about music, Empire and drama. In season 2 they switched the whole storyline into a telenovela, too much romance.
  7. Some characters roles were slashed out. – Why did they treat the role of Teyana ( Seraya) and Anika. They fueled the storyline.
  8. We miss the romance between Lucious and Cookie. – This two are the centrepiece of the story, the story revolves around them. Their spontaneous sexcapades and unopposable passion for each other was short-lived.EMP107_17b_kiss_0
  9. Cookie and Boo Boo Kitty are not supposed to get along. – In the first season these two were sworn enemies even at the end, in the second, they disagree a little but where is the drama! Remember in season 1 when Cookie beat Anika, When she flaunted her Ass-we miss it.
  10. Some characters came out of no where- Question, what was the relevance of Ludacris in jail? Why did Frank Gathers come? Who knew Mimi Whiteman? Yes, they has their relevance but they brought us too many new faces.

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