Bitch Better Have My Money is about Rihanna’s accountant who stole!

After watching bitch better have my money video, it is not odd to say you’ve just witnessed a murder, Is it? I mean, its starts a out with a woman with a dog and ends with a bloody Rihanna in a box. As odd as it sounds, its actually inspired by a real life story; which Rihanna’s accountant made her lose a whooping 9 MILLION DOLLARS! The accountant initially gave RiRi some bad real estate advise which made her become unseemingly BANKRUPT. She filed a lawsuit which she won and was compensated with 11 MILLION. That’s how much of a big deal BadGal RiRi is honey.

As a clap back to the unusual anecdote Rihanna released Bitch Better Have My Money which shows Rihanna kidnapping, torturing and brutally slaughtering both the blonde and his ‘accountant’ husband. Rihanna even made sure we understood the well potrayed shade by clearly indicating “The Acoountant AkA the Bitch in one of the credits in the video.

Well, Rihanna did not kill her accountant but she seemed petty clear nobody is allowed to break her bank except herself. Next time you give somebody some bad investment advice, be aware. They might sue you, then ,ake a grotesque video about it.Rhi-gun.jpg31


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