Amber Rose’ new TV show is all about sex and break ups; hottest on TV

Well, we love something that Kanye and Wiz Khalifa have in common, they both dated Miss Amber Rose. Yass! and she has a new show called the Amber rose show that is as ratchet as you can possibly imagine. Not only does she rock wigs, which as weird as it sounds she dresses in a rather skimpy manner that leaves little to the imagination. If you thought being a stripper is not enough reputation, talking about sex all through will blow your mind.

Just to give you a  snippet, something I always do, I will tell you what to expect before  you decide to watch it. So Nick Cannon talks about having sex with Mariah Carey, and its pretty much explains it. The Game talks about his d**k print pictures. Amber Rose displays plenty of cleavage in every episode. She also talks of breakups with Wiz and Kanye. My advice watch because it is hotter than I can explain.

Click here to watch a snippet



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