Javelin Thrower Julius Yego has been featured in American ‘People magazine’

A lot has been talked about the gold medalist Julius Yego, which might be part of the reasons he has gotten the chance of being featured on an article in the People Magazine . The charismatic olympian has gotten the privilege on an article that raves of how he learnt his enviable techniques through youtube. Lets give you a a snippet below

Every Olympian has dedicated hours and hours of practice to their sport to get to the Rio Games – but only one of them likely spent most of that time in a cyber café.

On Saturday, Julius Yego will represent Kenya in the men’s javelin throw at the Olympics. Unlike most of his competitors, Yego didn’t have access to a world-class training facility or even a coach.

Instead, he perfected his sport by watching YouTube videos.

“The need to succeed in javelin pushed me to the cyber café to watch great javelin throwers,” Yego, 27, tells PEOPLE. “I studied what they were doing to improve my training since I didn’t have a coach.”

Yego says he fell in love with the javelin throw at a young age, practicing the sport with sharpened wooden sticks as his primary school didn’t have the proper equipment.

“I realized I had the talent so I kept going,” he says. “I had the dream of being in the Olympics to compete with the best.”

His perseverance paid off: Yego excelled in national competitions in high school, winning two junior national championships. The whole time, he supplemented his practice by watching videos of the sport’s greatest athletes and copying their techniques.

You can read the rest of the article by clicking here


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