Rihanna and Drake were so in love during the VMAs

The VMAs this year has to be one that will go down in the books of history because it was epic. Besides all the amazing performances, there was also some romance going on throughout the show.

Back in June Riri and Drake announced that they were back together and they even made it official during the VMAs.

Just as Rihanna was accepting the Vanguard, she was joined by Drake and Drake got a chance to say tell the world that Rihanna has been his greatest crush since when he was twenty two. Rihanna also acknowledged her success to Drake and it was beyond adorable.

Drake also gave us a flashback of when she met Rihanna which was back in 2005 on the set of ‘ Pon de replay’ which got us Mesmerized. According to him back the Director X was known as Little X, He was known as a king but RiRi was know as just Rihanna.

Rihanna performed all her hits, from Work, Only Girl, Love On the Brain, What’s My Name, Stay. To add icing on the cake, she acknowledged her island roots by giving us what it feels to be a bad bitch from Barbados.

Rihanna stood, smiled and dabbed (yes, she did) every time someone said something exhilarating about her. How gracious?

Just after the long, bold and perpetuating speech, they hugged kiss before Rihanna gave her last words to people.

Aww! Right.


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