Is Nicki Minaj’s remix of ‘Black Beatles’ better than the Rae Sremmurd?

This year Miss Minaj has been on the low key, without any singles but she obviously how to maintain her throne. She recently dropped some bars to Rae Sremmurd’s No.1 song, ‘Black Beatles’ and the song is malignant. She first released a free version on SoundCloud for listening but immediately it hit 5 million streams she released a mastered version on iTunes and since then, it is number 8 on the US iTunes charts. Cool right?.

Photo Credit: Instagram.

The song has a healthy amount of punchlines that prove that Nicki is as good as the boys. Here is a little bit of it;

Now usually I don’t do this, I’m Popeye, she’s Brutus
Usually I’m a Christian but this peace is Buddhist
All of my n**gas draw but none of them Cartoonists
Usually I’m the baddest, usually I’m the cutest
Usually I’m the flyest, usually you’re the stewardess
And we ain’t playin’ ball but usually its some shooters
Are these b**ches drunk? These bitches ain’t lucid
Go against the queen your career will be elusive
Where your plaques? Where them stocks? Word to NASDAQ
B**ches ass-back, they was never in my tax-brack

Nicki during the Tidal Charity Concert . Photo Credit: Getty

She also took some jabs with her sworn enemy Lil Kim with that Popeye and Brutus line. But if that’s enough, chill back because she also took some shot at the current President-elect- Donald Trump. This is not the first time, at the Tidal charity concert Nicki audaciously called his wife; Melania Trump a ‘Brainless b**ch’ after giving a shout out to Michelle and Barack Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton. It seems she has a bone to pick even though Trump publicly said he loves Nicki’s performances.

Now Nicki took her frustrations back to the song and…

Island girl, Donald Trump want me go home
Still pull up with my wrist lookin’ like a snowcone

…there was shade.

Forget all the drama. The song and let’s focus on he quality of the song which is produced and mastered to perfection by Mike will-made-it. I don’t need to explain the flame in the song.

Nicki’s modulated voice and the suggestive giggles are what compliments the dope progressive beat.

On top of this the song has been trending severally the most phenomenal is the #MannequinChallange which has mad people in supermarkets, hotels and strip clubs doing it. This a type of a video that’s recorded when everyone is posing like a mannequin. How epic are Nicki’s fans? The challenge is now viral. Now Nicki also has her own video with models in her Instagram account. Hopefully this song will have an official video. So far the song has generated attention that the famous club Sapphire pose for the #MannequinChallange. How cool?

Maybe the song should chart on the Billboard charts, right? Anyway, here’s my favorite part in the song…

New day, new money to be made
New things for them to imitate 
I’m a f**kin’ black barbie
Pretty face, perfect body 
Pink seats in the ‘Rari 
Always f**k him like I’m sorry 
Who the f**k is gon’ protect her?
If I really gotta check her 
Peter Piper picked a pepper 
And my cake is triple decker 


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