Rihanna will star in new upcoming movie as an island girl…

Rihanina has had a busy year. She released a new album called Anti, she got back with Drake, she released a raunchy video for work which become #1 in sixty countries, She and Drake slide kissed, She won a Vanguard award, She got dreadlocks and now she’s blonde… What a year, right?

Now: The Barbadian Diva is starring in a new movie alongside Oscar winners Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett. Mindy Kaling and Anne Hathaway will also star along in the movie.

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - November 7, 2016
Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett and Rihanna in New York filming Ocean Eight.                                                                       Photo Credit; Getty images


Ocean Eight is a sequel to the Ocean Trilogy . The movie revolves around Eight women who plan a heist in New York City. Paparazzi has been busy and we have some of the pictures on set. Here is a slideshow of Rihanna onset.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

According to pictures Rihanna’s dreadlocks were meant to help her portray her role in the movie. She is expected to act as an island girl. This won’t be hard since Rihanna’s accent is natural and Caribbean.

The movie is expected to be released in June 8/ 2018 (too far, right?) But the wait will be worth while since the squad is ready to blow your mind. Combine Oscar winners, Witty comedian such as Kaling and Bad Gyal RiRi and you are sure the next 90 minutes will be out of this world epic.

On top of this, Mindy has joked during an interview with Seth Myers that people on set confuse her for Sandra Bullock. While the 37-year-old talked about her experience on set by saying…

“Like, I thought I was pretty cool. I have my own show. People think I’m Sandra Bullock’s assistant and they’re like, ‘Get out of the way! We need to bring Sandra her matcha tea’. I’m like, ‘I’m in a scene with her. I’m not her assistant.’ Then I’m like, ‘OK! Whatever! I’ll get her her matcha tea. Might as well,

She also gave details on Paparazzi and their efforts to ignore her and focus on Rihanna despite her efforts to glam up.

Photo Credit: YouTube.

“We shot a scene, all eight of us together recently, and when we walked outside, there was this huge paparazzi [swarm]. I was talking to Anne Hathaway and Rihanna was kind of behind us. And there was a sea of paparazzi taking photos and all that. I was feeling kind of cool and famous. Then Rihanna took a left to her trailer, which was not in the same direction me and Anne were going, and the paparazzi left so quickly,

Just for the record, I’m wearing a gorgeous red coat and showing a lot of leg, expensive shoes. Anne’s wearing a leopard coat. Rihanna’s wearing a full parka and baggy jeans,” she said. “They shoved me out of the way to get to her. ‘Get out of the way, Sandra Bullock’s assistant! We want to talk to Rihanna!

All the same we love Mindy and her show. We think she is cool and funny.

I simply can’t wait to see the movie.

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - November 7, 2016Rihanna, Cate Blanchett and Rihanna on set.         Photo Credit: Getty Images


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