Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have officially broken up.

After weeks of speculation, Nicki Minaj  has confirmed through twitter that she and her 2 year boyfriend have called it quits. This came as a way to silence the rumours that she is still dating fellow rapper.

The relationship which was been rumoured to have ended severally over the previous year, was put to an end by both of ťhem through their social media pages. This even made Minaj discuss the continuous rumours on their break ups on The Ellen show. But this time it’s for real. Probably if you are active on social media then you probably know how the sequence of the events of their break up.

If you didn’t follow it here are the details.

1. Nicki Minaj posts a picture of blue Chanel flip flops with a hint of the break up


2. Both Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill unfollow each other on instagram

3. Meek Mill posts a picture of a curvy semi nude woman with a red fishnet stockings captioned “Sitting back like … $avage … just friends.”

4. Meek Mill looses 300,000 followers over the post.

5. Both Nicki and Meek keep quiet on the amid rumours.

Finally, Nicki posts a a tweet confirming their break up.

Obviously the internet responded by being Completely brutal to Mill and obviously throwing Drake in the mix



Now that’s what is going on with Nicki as we consciously awaiting for her forth albums which has been mentioned by both Time and Forbes magazine as one of the most anticipated albums of 2017. Lucky  for her the break up didn’t really affect her as she was all giggles during her end of year performance with E11even.

Who will Nicki date next, is the main question as for now.

Will Meek be in her next album?

Or is the break up a way to promote the album?

Will she now go back to  Drake and reunite with Young Money?

Only time will tell…



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